Limburg is an excellent destination for cyclists who want to enjoy a challenging ride through beautiful scenery, experience Dutch and Belgian culture, and sample delicious local cuisine.

Limburg is a popular cycling destination in the Netherlands, and there are several reasons why a cyclist should visit this region:

  1. Beautiful Scenery: Limburg is known for its hilly terrain and picturesque countryside. Cyclists can enjoy riding through lush forests, quaint villages, and scenic river valleys.
  2. Excellent Infrastructure: Limburg has an extensive network of cycling paths, including dedicated bike lanes and cycling-friendly roads. The region is also home to the famous Amstel Gold Race, a challenging cycling race that attracts professional cyclists from around the world.
  3. Cultural Attractions: Limburg is rich in history and culture, with many interesting museums, galleries, and historical sites to explore. Cyclists can combine their rides with visits to these attractions and experience the region’s unique blend of Dutch and Belgian influences.
  4. Gastronomy: Limburg is renowned for its culinary specialties, including its famous pies, cheeses, and beers. Cyclists can refuel at one of the many excellent cafes, restaurants, and breweries along the way.
  5. Accessibility: Limburg is located in the heart of Europe and is easily accessible by road, rail, and air. Cyclists can easily reach the region from other parts of the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and beyond.


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